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Aviation for Humanity is led by a small team of volunteers. If you would like to join our team, please don't hesitate to connect!

Our Team

Aviation for Humanity is comprised of a working Board and our wonderful volunteers around the world. We have no paid employees; thus, every donation goes directly to school supplies that support children worldwide. We value our optimistic team members and welcome others to donate their time and join our growing group of volunteers!


 Kimberly Perkins, Founder & President


Kimberly is an international Captain on a Global Express and Gulfstream 650 aircraft. She has piloted jet aircraft on six continents and lived on three. Kimberly was influenced by her experiences living in Nigeria, which laid the foundation for her creating Aviation for Humanity. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Aviation: Flight Operations and a Master of Arts degree in Political Science with a concentration in International Relations. She enjoys international travel both professionally and personally. She insists on taking her two daughters to the remote regions of the world to instill in them the same sense of global community that led her to developing the nonprofit. Along with her piloting career, she is a gender equity activist through her published works and public speaking on gender parity. She previously served on the Board of the Pacific Northwest Business Aviation Association and continues to mentor women in aviation through her membership with industry organizations. She is an outspoken optimist with a passion for inclusivity and equity in educating our youth. She believes in a global community and hopes to use aviation as a method for philanthropic outreach. All of Kimberly's interviews and published articles can be found on her website.

 Aaron Perkins, Treasurer


Aaron brings a wealth of aviation experience and a global perspective to his position as Treasurer at Aviation for Humanity. He has twenty years of experience as an airline pilot, aircraft evaluation pilot, and aviation safety inspector and is currently serving as Chairman of a Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Flight Standardization Board. Today, Aaron calls Seattle home; but, it was the period of time when he lived in West Africa, North Africa, and Southeast Asia that his passion for helping those in need took root. Being an integral part of Aviation for Humanity provides a fantastic platform for him to marry his interests in both aviation and humanitarian efforts. Aaron enjoys traveling, backpacking, and spending time with his wife and two young daughters.

Watson, Jordan_Photo.jpg

Jordan Watson, Writer & Editor

An avid traveler, Jordan has not taken her ability to work remotely as an editor for granted. She believes in traveling responsibly, ethically, and immersively and tends to make a craft coffee house her first destination in any new place. It is currently her goal to travel to her seventh continent, Antarctica, even if finding a coffee house there might prove to be an extra challenge. Her passions lie with all things outdoors, her dog Beau, community building, and working toward social equity and a deeper understanding of everyday intersectionality. She holds a Master of Arts in English: Rhetoric, Writing, and Digital Media Studies and a Bachelor of Arts in English: Literature and has primarily edited curriculum and digital content in her professional career. Born into a family of aviators, she learned the equation of lift in crayon and has spent many years in the Civil Air Patrol, an Air Force auxiliary, as a student; international ambassador; instructor of aviation, leadership, and search and rescue; and field medic. She currently is laying the foundation for her own editing services company and is regularly rock climbing outside of Las Vegas. 

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