Moshi, Tanzania

Aviation for Humanity ambassador, Paddy Shivanand, visited an orphanage in Moshi, Tanzania.  Through the community of aviation, Aviation for Humanity was able to connect her with Mama Faraji, the founder of Tuleeni Orphan’s home.  Paddy shares her experience here:

“Mama Faraji is a woman you cannot miss in a crowd. She will envelope you in her warm smile and happy hug as soon as you step into the Tuleeni Orphan’s home in Moshi, Tanzania. I had the privilege of visiting the children and young adults at Tuleeni Orphan’s Home in November 2018, thanks to the arrangements by Aviation for Humanity.

Mama Faraji started the home in 2001 with nine children. Today, the orphanage has grown to 3 homes in the neighborhood with nearly 50 children of all ages, with the youngest being just a year and half old.  

Children at the orphanage come from all over Tanzania and are often left in Mama Faraji’s care due to the loss of parents to accidents, cancer, HIV, or more unfortunate circumstances. In some cases, parents have made the heartbreaking choice to leave their children in the orphanage as they cannot afford to take care of the family, as their meagre resources are drained by much needed family medical expenses.

I am grateful to Aviation for Humanity for arranging this visit and providing the little goody bags. The children absolutely enjoyed receiving them, opening them, and exploring their contents. The goody bags contained pencils, pens, color pencils, crayons, erasers, and glider planes. The emphasis at Tuleeni is education and vocational training – those that are supported by sponsors go to private schools and others go to government schools. After high school, students attend college if they can obtain scholarships or sponsors. Young adults also have the opportunity for vocational training such as tailoring, handicrafts making, and other trades.

I am honored to have had the opportunity to visit Tuleeni and spend some time with the children here. The smiles, laughter, energy, and positivity of the children here is both humbling and inspiring, I am looking forward to returning to Tuleeni in 2019.

The students here are much in need of sponsors to continue their education and make their own way in life:

Many thanks to Wendy van de Loo for helping coordinate the visit.”

Aviation for Humanity would like to thank Paddy!

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