Montego Bay, Jamaica

​Aviation for Humanity reached children in Jamaica last month! We are grateful to our volunteers, Bryan and Lori Watson, who took time from their Jamaican vacation to support the local youth.

Prior to their trip, they contacted Aviation for Humanity wanting to make a positive impact while on vacation.  Aviation for Humanity handled the logistics of finding a shelter in need and providing the supplies so that our volunteers had a streamlined, positive experience.  We are grateful for their time and contribution.

The Robin’s Nest Children’s’ Home is a not-for-profit orphanage nestled on a mountaintop overlooking Montego Bay, Jamaica. The facility is comprised of several homes for boys and girls, a school, and a communal play area.  They provide a safe space for children in need by providing housing, cooking and youth education. Their mission is to create a nurturing, loving and safe space for children to grow at their own speed so they may develop their own individual gifts and talents.  

Aviation for Humanity thanks our volunteers and the Robin’s Nest Children’s Home for empowering children through education.  If you find yourself heading to Jamaica and want to be involved, please email us at:  

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