Caguas, Puerto Rico

​Aviation for Humanity reached Caguas, Puerto Rico! Thanks to Kelly Rinehart-Leber, a supporter and friend of Aviation for Humanity, communal school supplies along with 200 individual student packets reached the preschool and elementary students of the Nuestra Escuela organization.

Nuestra Escuela has been working with the public school system to curb student drop-out. They emphasize the sustainability, self-management and realization of the person, an educational philosophy that has been presented, discussed and validated in more than 20 countries on six continents. Their alternative school operates as a non-profit and is a community-based organization.  

The organization annually serves an average of 300 students and their families. Since the foundation has been created, they have served 1,592 young people, 1,238 of whom have graduated.  The school has a 97% rate of retention and is a vital piece of their community.    

Aviation for Humanity was honored to support the Neustra Escuela.  We thank them for providing us the opportunity to expand our global community and support youth education!

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