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Updated: Jun 10, 2020

Our hearts are heavy.

Currently, we are intently focused on educating ourselves, our loved ones and our community on systemic racism, racial injustice, the history of racism and its continuation today. Recently, we have shared some resources across our social media platforms on anti-racism that we hope you will study and share.

We will continue to read and to educate ourselves and our children. It is imperative for our future generations that we pursue anti-racist actions, remain good listeners, and continue to have these conversations, no matter how uncomfortable they might make us feel.

If our organization is to continue in our mission to create advocates for diversity and inclusion in a global community, we must also continue to hold one another accountable, remain diligent and stand steadfastly in solidarity with the black community. Black Lives Matter."

During this pandemic, we have put our travel operations on pause to do our part to prevent the spread of Covid-19. We shifted our focus to explore creative solutions to continue to promote positive change. We must also do our part to concentrate on finding ways to show support and fundraise for the Black Lives Matter movement.

We are exploring future fundraising projects in this pursuit, which we will share in the coming days. As a small team comprised solely of volunteers, we would love your help in this effort. If you would like to volunteer at A for H, please contact us at In the links below, there are several BLM resources and a list of organizations that we have been compiling. We hope you will read these articles and share.

Thank you.


The Volunteer Team at Aviation for Humanity

​Anti-racism resources:

BLM resources:

Anti-racism resources:

Movement for Black Lives:

Black Lives Matter at School:

The Zinn Education Project:

Justice for Breonna Taylor:

North Star Health Collective:

Black Visions Collective:

Minnesota Freedom Fund:

Questions or concerns? Contact us at Thank you!

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