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Aviation for Humanity

Anyone can get involved. You can make a difference! Whether you donate school supplies or monetary funds or volunteer, your efforts impact positive change for school-aged children throughout the developing world.

How It Works


If you are traveling to a developing nation and want to deliver school supplies on your trip, contact us! We'd love to hear from you!


We connect you with a school or orphanage where you're traveling. Then we supply you with backpacks for children at that facility.


Once you arrive in country, use the Aviation for Humanity Supply Checklist we email you to fill backpacks with purchased supplies.


You bring supplies to the facility and document the 

experience, to be featured on our blog. A global community through aviation is born!


Our Mission

To create a global community that supports education, equality, and empowerment of youth around the world

Our Vision

A more equitable world where diversity is embraced and a global community is forged through cultural engagement rooted in education.

Our Values


We believe that all children have a fundamental right to education.


We believe that by providing educational tools, we encourage and empower the youth of the developing world.


We believe that by empowering youth, we help create equality and inclusion in our global community.


We believe that a sense of community derives from multicultural engagement and that people will be encouraged to embrace others from diverse backgrounds through positive interactions.

Our Goals

Aviation for Humanity understands that there are many children around the world not fortunate enough to even attend school. There are children without access to clean drinking water and others who are forced to work in fields rather than learn in a classroom. There is serious need beyond bringing school supplies, which is why we hope that Aviation for Humanity creates a global community that elicits more action.

Aviation for Humanity is a grassroots effort to use aviation to empower children and support education. We cannot do it without your help. 


Our goal is to provide a way for a traveler to have a great interaction with students so that when they get home, they’re enthusiastic to do more—whether it’s in their community or abroad. We hope that Aviation for Humanity is a catalyst for more humanitarian work. We hope that, much like the idea of throwing a stone into water, your volunteering experience creates many ripple effects in the humanitarian pond.

Our History

Kimberly Perkins, Founder & President

Sitting in a classroom of pilots discussing aircraft systems, an instructor mentioned that my aircraft generates enough electricity to power 1,600 60-watt light bulbs all at once. That got me thinking: There are a lot of places in the world that don’t have a single 60-watt light bulb. How can an industry that is partially responsible for globalization take responsibility for global inequality? How can a global industry take responsibility for a global issue? That’s how Aviation for Humanity was born.
I started collecting items and donating them directly to the people I met while traveling. Wherever my aviation career took me, I donated, and so did my fellow crew members. Mini bottles of shampoo to a women’s shelter in Malaysia. Baby clothes to a small village in Kenya. Shorts and shoes to families in Thailand. Food to kids in Cambodia. And, a computer to a hard-working man in Nigeria who wept while hugging the computer, telling me that he would be the first person in his family to own one.

I know there are other travelers just like me who want to share and contribute. Aviation for Humanity was established as a nonprofit in 2016 as a way to formalize the effort of bringing supplies directly to communities in need. By using the international aviation network to bring humanitarian aid to all corners of the globe in a sustainable way, we can all be part of the global community connected by aviation.


Aviation for Humanity is a grassroots organization. We depend on donations and volunteers. Every dollar, pencil, and volunteer hour is extremely appreciated! We would like to take a moment here to acknowledge some of our biggest supporters. Along with individual donations, they provide Aviation for Humanity the accessibility of resources necessary to continue our support of empowering youth through education. We want to thank all of our contributors and volunteers. We couldn't do it without your unwavering support. Thank you!

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